Friday, 21 August 2009

Time for a more light-hearted post. May I present, the A to Z of Piers Gaveston

A – for Amy, alleged illegitimate daughter of Piers and an unknown mistress.

B – for Blacklow Hill, the site of Piers murder.

C – for Cornwall, Piers’ earldom.

D – tempted to out dog, as in Black dog, but will go for Deddington, where Piers was surprised and taken by Guy, Earl of Warick.

E – who else – but Edward II – either Piers’ adopted brother or lover, whichever interpretation you go for.

F – for forks – how else would Piers eat his pears?

G – obviously Gaveston, so how about Gascony, birthplace of Piers.

H – Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, who deliberated Piers’ fate at Warwick.

I - for Ireland, where Piers served as Edward’s lieutenant.

J – Joan, Piers daughter with his wife Margaret de Clare. Or possibly one of Piers’ greatest loves – jewels!

K – Knaresborough castle, belonging to Piers.

L – as in Langley, one of Edward and Piers’ favourite palaces and site of the priory, the eventual resting place of Piers.

M – Margaret de Clare, wife of Piers and niece of Edward II.

N – for Piers ‘insulting’ nicknames for the nobility. Lancaster the fiddler, Lincoln, Burst Belly and not forgetting the Black dog of Arden, Warwick.

O – those awful Ordinances!

P – Perrot – Edward’s pet name for Piers.

Q – how about as in Queen? For Isabella. Of whom Piers may have said ‘who?’

R – as in Richmond, Earl of, whom Piers once professed to lova above all others.

S – for Scarborough, the castle at which Piers surrounded, and where his headless ghost is said to wander.

T – tournaments, which Piers was partial to – he ‘deserted’ Edward Ist’s Scottish campaign for tournaments in France.

U – hmm, this is tricky – how about ‘unsuitable’ – what many thought of Piers as a companion for Prince Edward.

V – for the Vita Edwardi Secundi, one of the main sources for information on Piers.

W – is for Wallingford, where Piers humiliated the nobility at his own tournament.

X – xenophobia – was one of the reasons for hatred of Piers because he was foreign?

Y – York – where Edward fled to try and raise an army to protect Piers.

Z – ok, I admit to scraping the barrel here – zany, a suitable adjective to describe Piers’ humour and wit?