Saturday, 22 January 2011

Some interesting finds in Swansea Museum

I found myself visiting Swansea museum last week. It's an old, small Victorian building with some curious artefacts. There is a small medieval gallery upstairs, and I was delighted to find a couple of interesting artefacts. I took some pictures, and here they are. They show a gold ewer that belonged to Gilbert de Clare, Edward I's grandson, whose sister Margaret was married to Piers Gaveston. I've never really warmed to Gilbert because he abandonned Piers - when Pembroke asked for his help after Piers' capture by Warwick at Deddington, Gilbert did nothing to help his brother-in-law. I'm sure youth played its part - as it probably did when he was killed in battle at Bannockburn when he rode in without his 'coat'. The other pictures are of a stone head, thought to be Alina de Mowbray, and tiles from Neath Abbey.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Canterbury Cathedral

It's January 10th, and I haven't blogged this year. I haven't finished my Christmas books, so will have to rely on one of my archive visits. Last August, I finally made it to Canterbury Cathedral. Here are some of my photos.

The tomb of the Black Prince plus copies of his armour etc made from originals placed over the tomb. The Black Prince was responsible for the Prince of Wales feathers and the motto 'Ich Dien' - 'I serve'.

There's also a picture of the shrine of Thomas Beckett and the tomb of Henry IV and his queen.