Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Greeting

I have shamefully neglected this blog for so long!  I've started 3 Piers-related posts and abandonned them all.  But as today is Valentine's Day, I can always rely on The Valentine Generator http://dagblog.com/humor-satire/valentine-generator-452

So here is Edward II's valentine greeting for Piers!

To my Scrumptious Gascon Piers,
You are the jewel of my crown. I want to joust with you more than any other lance in the whole court.
The first time we thatched, I felt in my splendid fingers, and I was so overwhelmed that I could barely thatch. I knew that we would throb together for years.
Whenever you tease, it makes me swoon gracefully and spend like a parliament .
I will toast with you provocatively until the treasury empties and the country revolts.
Splendid Valentine's Day!
Love, your devoted King


Kathryn Warner said...

Heee, great! :) Love the throbbing part. :)

Anerje said...

Thanks for the inspiration:> I must stop neglecting Piers!