Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How about the hunt for the remains of Piers Gaveston?

Now that it has been proved that the remains found in the car park in Leicester are indeed the remains of Richard III, I've been thinking archaeologists need a new challenge.  The hunt for the remains of Richard III was aided by the Richard III society - and I was shocked there are only 4,000 members.  I thought there were so many more than that!  If they could raise over £10,000 pounds to foot the bill for the dig in Leicester, then why doesn't the Piers Gaveston Society seek to do the same?  Of course, the Piers Gaveston society was not formed to defend the reputation of Piers Gaveston - rather it's an elitest, secret society at Oxford University alledgedly dedicated to hedonism - something I'm sure Piers would approve of.  Members alledgedly include Boris Johnson, current mayor of London, actor Hugh Grant and Camilla Parker Bowles son, Tom.  This is what Wikipedia has to say about them -

Piers Gaveston society

I find the burial of Piers extremely moving.  Having died excommunicated, Edward II would not bury him until this had been revoked.  It was almost 2 years before Edward could secure a papal dispensation.  The body was cared for by the Dominican Friars at Oxford.  An elaborate funeral was held at the Dominican Friary at Kings Langley, where Edward and Piers had spent many happy times.

Check out this link to find out more about the priory - Kings Langley History Society.   I actually contacted the society to find out if there was any new information about the site of Piers tomb - which I'm sure was magnificent, knowing Edward II!  It seems the tomb is lost, and that a private school has been built on the site.  A friend of mine living in St Albans actually went on a visit to the school to find any information she could - alas, there was none.  Either Piers lies beneath the school, or he may have been reinterred in a local church.

Between them, surely Hugh Grant etc could find some money to launch an investigation?  And just think, the discovery of a skeleton could result in the reconstruction of Piers' face, just like Richard III's - now wouldn't that be something?  Of course, Piers doesn't hold the same 'romantic' fascinatio Richard III does - but you never know.  If I win the lottery, the search for Piers' resting place will be on my list to do.


trav4adventures said...

Sounds like an interesting challenge!

Kathryn Warner said...

Oh, I so wish we could find Piers' tomb! That would just about make my entire life. I really wish I was rich. :/

Kasia Ogrodnik said...

An interesting challenge indeed! And Hugh Grant would certainly make a good choice as the one to help!

As for me, I wish I could see Young Henry's face reconstructed one day :-)

Susan Higginbotham said...

Now, that would be a sight for sore eyes!

Anerje said...

Who knows where all this could lead? I'd be against opening tombs just to reconstruct a 'royal face'. I think Richard looks just like his portrait really. We have no likeness of Piers at all unfortunately.