Sunday, 11 February 2018

February 1312 - Piers is re-united with Edward II - and his wife.

In January, 1312, Piers Gaveston's wife had given birth to their daughter Joan.   At the time, Piers was out of the country - having been banished for the third time from England.  There was even talk that Piers hadn't actually left England, but had been 'hiding out' somewhere, perhaps under the King's protection.  It would make sense that he would want to be near his wife Margaret in the late stages of her pregnancy.   

Joan was born in mid-January, and named for Piers mother-in-law and the king's sister, Joan.  Margaret had been taken North to give birth - away from the glare of court, and no doubt to make it easier for Piers to be at her side as soon as possible, which he was by February.  It would have been a time of great rejoicing for Piers and Margaret, and no doubt Edward II.  

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