Saturday, 13 December 2008

New book on the Princes of Wales

Well, it's new for me. It's by the eminent historian David Loades. It's the history of the princes of Wales, and starts obviously with Edward of Caernavon. Of course, I have focused on the Piers bits:)

I'm happy with Loades' interpretation. He doesn't focus too much on whether the relationship between Edward and Piers was a homosexual one, stating that both men married and had children. He says he thinks Edward Ist probably did think it was a homosexual relationship, and was alarmed - mainly because of the influence Piers would have.

Loades' makes the point that Edward was criticised for mixing with lowborn people and their pursuits - and then points out that Piers was very far from mixing with such company and their pursuits! Indeed, Piers was complimented on his courteous manners. So much for Piers' influence, eh? Although, I'm sure Piers just let Edward enjoy doing hat he wanted - and maybe that explains Edward's attachment to him. I just cannot imagine Piers thatching a roof!

I particularly like Loades' interpretation of Piers' murder. He doesn't go into great detail. He says Piers surrendered Scarborough castle with a guarantee of his safety, and was then seized and murdered on his way south. No talk of a trial or execution - Loades tells it how it was!


Lady D. said...

Oh the image of Piers thatching a roof!!! ROTFLMAO! Or digging a ditch - just imagine him getting some mud on his purple pearl-encusted tunic! Bless him, I bet he didn't mind watching Ed do it though ;-)

Alianore said...

Oooh, I haven't read that one!

*Joins Lady D and laughs herself sick at image of Piers thatching a roof*. :-)

Anerje said...

Piers would wince at the THOUGHT of thatching a roof! And yes, Lady D - I'm sure he wouldn't mind watching Ed work up a sweat:)

Alianore - came across the book in Borders, where they always encourage you to browse :) - about a 30 page chapter on Ed - but Loades seemed to be fair to him.

Susan Higginbotham said...

What's the name of the book? Interested in reading it.

And I can't see Piers on the roof either.

Anerje said...

It's merely called 'The Princes of Wales'.