Sunday, 14 December 2008

New cover for 'Confessions'

My least fav fictional account of Piers Gaveston, but at least it now has a more appropriate cover. I will hopefully get around to posting my reviews of Piers in fiction soon.


Lady D. said...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas and I look forward to more of Piers in 2009 :-)

Anerje said...

same to you to, Lady D! I think you'll inspire me to change my name to Countess Meg any time soon! LOL!

Nan Hawthorne said...

Well I loved this book and was so happy it got a better cover so people would wait to read it to decide whether they liked it. It's fiction, for heaven's sake.. just sit back and enjoy the skillful prose!

Anerje said...
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Anerje said...

Hello Nan Hawthorne - I am well aware of your views on 'Confessions' and your spirited defence of your friend Brandon Purdy. I have written a review of 'Confessions' elsewhere, and we 'discussed' the content and the, erm 'skillful prose'. It still remains one of the worst books I've ever read.

Nan Hawthorne said...

Amerje, I need to correct a couple things... one is that the person whose book you disllike so is not named Brandon.. It is Brandy. She is my friend, but I became her friend AFTER reading and admiring her book.

All I can say to you is that if you ever write a book I hope no one comes down on it with so much vehemence. There is a human being behind that bookm someone who against the odds pooured her heart and soul into writing it. Literary criticism is one thing... being hurtful is another. I repeat, I am defending the book first.. but I feel for the author. I suppose you will either not approve or will delete this message, not wanting others to read it. But the important thing is that you read it. Have a heart, if only for your karma's sake.

Whether or not you like Brandy's interpretation of your hero, about whom so little is known that any representation of him is subjective3, her writing is superb.

I looked for a way to write to you directly.. but you have practically no inforamtion about yourself on your blog.

Anerje said...

Nan, first of all apologies for getting Brandy's name wrong. I fully appreciate Brandy's efforts in writing her book - and in fact, in my review on Amazon, I wished her well in her efforts in future books. And I sincerely meant it. If people publish books, they must expect people to review it. With my inteest in Piers, I was bound to read it - and I did not read reviews of the book myself - just saw the title and ordered it. Was appalled when I read it. Yes, I'm sure Brandy researched her book and it's her interpretation - congrats to her for getting it published. I just don't like the style, interpretation, prose - it's just my opinion.

I don't have a huge committment to this blog - I work roughly 10 hours a day and have varied interests. Am lucky to get on-line about 3 times a week. I have a BA Hons in Medieval history and English literature.

I applaud your loyalty to Brandy - she's very lucky to have a supporter like you - and I sincerely mean it.

I have no problem leaving your message here at all. And I will probably post my Amazon review here as well at some point.

I do have a heart - a very big one actually - spending alot of time counselling children who've been abused - physically and sexually -
perhaps their experiences coloured my views on Brandy's efforts to convey child abuse?