Thursday, 17 December 2009

Inspired by the slogan generator featured on Alianore's site

I just couldn't resist -

1. Piers Gaveston Really satisfies – guaranteed by Ed?

2. Thank Piers Gaveston it’s Friday – why not every day?

3. Marvin the Mountie always gets his Piers Gaveston – Not if Ed gets him first!

4. Your Piers Gaveston, Right Away – if only!

5. I’m not gonna pay a lot for this Piers Gaveston – oh yes you are, he has expensive tastes!

6. Just for the taste of Piers Gaveston – MMM!

7. Get The Piers Gaveston Habit – a habit Ed couldn’t break!

8. Gotta Lotta Piers Gaveston – just ask the nobility!

9. Better Living Through Piers Gaveston – Ed certainly thought so!

10. It Makes Your Piers Gaveston Smack! – it will if you try to banish him!

11. Piers Gaveston Saves Your Soul! – one of Ed’s arguments against banishment?

12. Piers Gaveston keeps going and going! – so says Ed?

13. Makes You Feel Piers Gaveston Again! – erm, so says Ed!

14. Cleans a big, big Piers Gaveston for less than half a crown! – half a crown? You’ll be lucky!

15. Savour the flavour of Piers Gaveston – recommendation by Ed.


Alianore said...

LOL, those are great! I love 6 and 15 especially. :-)

Have a great Christmas, Anerje!

Anerje said...

That was a great generator!

Merry Christmas to you as well!