Sunday, 23 September 2012

More pictures of Sudeley castle

The de Sudeleys date back to the Norman conquest.   There has been some sort of castle there since the Conquest.  One of the descendants, a second son, took his mother's name of de Tracy, and was one of the knights who killed Thomas A Beckett.  At one time, the castle was in the possession of Richard III, as Duke of Gloucester.  He added to the existing structure.  The castle passed into the hands of the monarchy, and Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn stayed there.  The real damage to the castle was done in the time of the civil war, when it was blasted with cannon fire.  It has been restored by the Dent-Brocklehurst family.

 In case anyone is wondering, there is a modern sculpture attached to the castle walls.


Kathryn Warner said...

Great pics! What a fab castle.

Anerje said...

it's well worth a visit from anyone who hasn't been there.

Joshua said...

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