Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tomb of Edward II

I did a mini-tour of the Cotswolds this summer, and visited Gloucester Cathedral.  It was my second visit in 2 years.  It is a splendid cathedral, but my main purpose for visiting is to see the tomb of Edward II.  The tomb is magnificent - particularly the effigy of the King himself, who looks so 'peaceful'.  I believe the effigy is the first time a monarch was featured holding the orb.  There is a plinth in front of the tomb which historians think may have held a golden, jewelled ship which was presented by Edward III, his son.  It's hard to imagine that the tomb would have been encrusted with jewels and brightly coloured.  There is an information sheet which shows how it may have looked.  Unfortunately, there is some graffiti from the 1800s which has been put down to children attending the Cathedral school. 

As I'm writing this post, there's a programme on tv about......Berkeley castle!  and yes, the story of the red hot poker is being told, with the added information that Edward II may have been strangled or suffocated.  No mention of the possible survival of Edward II - most disappointing!  BBC should check out Kathryn's blog and the writings of Ian Mortimer.


Kathryn Warner said...

Oh, I can never get tired of looking at this! I felt so emotional both times I visited. Thanks for posting the lovely pics!

Wouldn't it be so amazing to see the tomb as it once was, glittering with jewels? What a sight.

Hmph, they're not even mentioning it?? Pffft. :-(

Anerje said...

Yes, it must have been stunning in all it's glory. And Edward looks so, well, 'real' and at peace.

The Berkely family were talking about events at the castle - having a murdered king is good for business:> At least Gloucester cathedral now acknowledge Edward may have survived.

Gabriele C. said...

I suppose you can be glad for small mercies and that they at least mentoned alternative death scenarios besides the hot poker.

I made the mistake of watching some Varus 'history' stuff on TV in 2009 (the 2000 year anniversary of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest) and it really made me gnash my teeth. Some of the nonsense around for ages was repeated as fact all over the media. Ugh.

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